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Creativity Bursts

I’ve been experiencing a “burst” of creativity lately that I obviously haven’t been applying to the act of coming up with topics for and writing blog posts. I’m not sure why it is, but for some reason, whenever I have a creative burst it’s usually in a different area than whatever it is I’ve been working on at the time. The trick, in this case, is to try and direct that creative energy into what matters more than just whatever is the “most fun”. Call it “Shiny Object Syndrome”, or SOS. When I feel a little “up” is typically when I have a burst of creative energy. That’s also when it’s most difficult to focus. So I think my energy goes to whatever comes the most naturally as opposed to the thing that requires concentration and focus. This is something I think I’ll work on going forward. Putting what is “important” before what seems “urgent”. When my next creative burst comes, I think I’ll attempt to focus on something that I’ve needed to do before I jump into whatever is most attractive to me at the moment. One idea I have is to create a list of blog post ideas that I can reference when the creativity strikes so I’ll have something solid to fall back on.

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