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Mental Health Stickersheets

I’ve created some sticker designs for mental health awareness, see the image below. Thanks to @jenboki and @thepowerbirdherd for the suggestions!

The above stickersheets are currently being printed by our friends at StickerYou. I am inviting any and all artists to submit their own mental health sticker designs to be printed on stickersheets and sold with a portion of the proceeds going to a mental health charity yet to be determined (mental health charity suggestions welcome). Any artwork should be submitted in hi-res (300ppi) and RGB .jpg format between 2.5″ x 2.5″ and 4″ x 4″. Please submit between 8 and 12 designs maximum. You don’t need to include a cut path, as StickerYou’s stickersheet layout interface will automatically create them. You may include your Instagram handle or URL (small) somewhere on the designs. Please email your designs to: Please also include a short artist bio and if you like, share something about your connection to and/or reason for supporting good mental health practices. If you need some inspiration for good things to put on your sticker designs (feel free to use any of the above ideas) see below:

  • I did some art
  • I had a bath
  • I had a good laugh
  • I did yoga
  • I took a walk
  • I exercised
  • I went to therapy
  • I ate healthy food
  • I meditated
  • I practiced mindfulness
  • I took a deep breath
  • I did a craft
  • I was kind to myself
  • I wrote in my journal
  • I am enough
  • I played some music
  • I wrote poetry
  • I watched a good movie
  • I put my phone away
  • or whatever else your creative mind can think of to benefit mental health


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Stickers Rule

Stickers rule. I was having trouble thinking of what to post today, so here are some stickers I made yesterday. I hadn’t made stickers in a while and it felt good to break out the Posca marker and some labels and go to it.

“DAVe TOO” is a reference to my friend and sticker hero DAVe Warnke. His stickers were some of the first character street stickers I’d seen.

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Mental Health Stickers!

I’m thinking of making sticker sheets of some mental health sticker designs I created a while back. They’ve been sitting on my computer for several months, and since starting This Zine, I thought it might be time to dust them off and actually produce them. Here’s a rough draft of what the sticker sheet may look like. Click here to see the sticker sheet on Instagram and please leave your feedback there.

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